Is Rolling In A Limousine In Indiana Pretentious?

Let me ask you a question:  I like to take a limousine service to the airport when I fly and also when I take my girlfriend out for a special night out.


Is that pretentious?


Cause here’s the thing, I get people throughout Indiana who give me dirty looks all the time, especially people who know me and know I’ve been in mlm for almost 10 years.  They think I’m showing off my wealth or trying to impress people, but the fact of the matter is, I work my ass off every day for the money I make and I like to reward myself for my efforts.


I know Indiana is supposed to be all blue collar and salt of the earth, but come on!!!  Let a brotha shine a little if he wants to!


I like finer things in life (what do you expect from a dude who’s always talkin about livin’ “The Limo Luxury Life”?) and to me there’s nothing cooler and more exciting than cruising around in a badass stretch Benzo limo or even a Hummer limo.



It’s not even all that expensive.  I live in right outside Indianapolis, Indiana and I use a company called Luxe Limo Service Indianapolis because they just have the best selection, celebrity level service and always some great rates which is why they’re always near the top of the annual Indianapolis limo service reviews.   If you ever need to rent a limousine in Indianapolis you should check them out over at and I guarantee they’ll take fantastic care of you.


Rolling in a limo doesn’t take a lot of money.  It just takes desire and a sense of style and ain’t nothin’ like it.  Just ask the President!  Of course I have that in spades baby, Lol!


The Presidential limo in Indianapolis - (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Anyway, however you make your money, DO YOU.  If you got the cojones to roll up on people in a stretch leezy, go ahead and make it happen.  Who cares what people think?


Btw, if you wanna learn more about the home based business I build and make so much money in, just tell me in the comments section below this post, make sure you leave your email and phone number and I’ll get back to you.


Talk to you next time.  Peace…



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